Android™ OS Version 6 Marshmallow - and introduction of adoptable storage


The Android OS, version 6.0 (aka Marshmallow), takes external storage accessories, (such as microSD™ cards and USB-OTG devices) and lets you use it to do ore with your phone.
       Previous versions of the Android OS have supported external storage accessories, but they have limited the functionality of these devices to simple file storage. Version 6.0 of the Android OS now allows external storage to be “adopted” by the host device and to act like internal storage. This means it can be used to store apps and other data, in the same way only internal storage could in earlier versions of the OS.
      With high-capacity microSD cards, such as the SanDisk Ultra® microSDXC™ UHS-I card, users of Android devices can add 64GB-200GB1 of additional capacity for apps and other data which historically consumed the user’s device. What’s more, fast, high-performance microSD cards such as SanDisk Extreme® and SanDisk Extreme PRO® microSDXC cards allow quicker app launches and a smoother user experience.  



When you first insert your SanDisk microSD™ card, you will be asked how the card should be treated.

     1. Choose “use as portable storage” to allow the card to store pictures, videos, music and files. The card can be removed and used in other devices.

     2. Choose “use as internal storage” to allow the card to store pictures, videos, music, files, and apps. The card will be formatted, encrypted and treated as additional internal storage capacity for your individual Android™ device, so you won’t be able to use it in other devices. 

 SanDisk microSDS memory card for Android Marshmallow