Kingston Industrial microSD - Launch on 23rd August 2021


Industrial microSD Memory Card

Launch date: 23rd August 2021         
Warranty: 3 Years

Superior endurance and reliability across industrial applications

The Industrial-Grade microSD card is designed for applications in extreme conditions. It includes bad block management, strong ECC engine, power failure protection, wear levelling, auto-refresh read distribution protection, dynamic data refresh, SiP (System in Package), garbage collection and a health monitoring tool to manage the lifespan of your card.

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Durable in extreme temperatures

Designed and tested to withstand a temperature range of -40°C to 85°C for use in harsh conditions


Industrial-grade built-in features

Strong ECC engine, wear levelling, bad block management and an optional health monitoring tool to manage the lifespan of your card



Durable in extreme temperatures

UHS-I Speed Class U3, V30, A1

Industrial-grade built-in features

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