What memory cards does Nintendo Switch uses?

What memory cards does Nintendo Switch uses?

The Nintendo Switch uses microSD cards to expand its storage capacity, as it doesn't support standard SD cards due to slot size constraints.

For an optimal gaming experience, it's advisable to utilize microSD cards with higher transfer speeds, particularly those marked as UHS-I (Ultra High Speed Bus) compatible. These cards typically display a Roman numeral I on their label and offer transfer speeds between 60 to 95 MB/s. Improved transfer speeds contribute to smoother gameplay on the Nintendo Switch.

There are a few limitations to consider:

  • Game save data is stored exclusively in the console's internal memory and cannot be moved to a memory card.
  • While screenshots, videos, software update data, and downloadable content (DLC) can be stored on a memory card, directly saving or transferring downloadable software to it is not possible.
  • Once a microSD card is inserted, it becomes the default location for saving downloadable software.
  • It's recommended to avoid using multiple microSD cards with the console as combining data from different cards onto a single one isn't supported.

While various microSD, microSDHC, and microSDXC cards are compatible with the Nintendo Switch, opting for a Nintendo®-Licensed Memory Card by SanDisk is advised for assured performance and reliability. These cards are available for purchase at authorized stores.

Select a microSD card size that meets your storage requirements to prevent running out of space. If necessary, data from a smaller card can be transferred to a larger one, although combining software saved on multiple cards onto a single card isn't supported.

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