What is the best memory card to use with DashCam?

What's the ideal memory card for your DashCam?

For optimal performance, we recommend using a Dash Cam compatible U3 microSD card specifically designed for Dash Cam or CCTV usage.

It's important to note that many manufacturers void the warranty on their memory cards if used in a Dash Cam. For instance, SanDisk only provides warranty coverage for their High Endurance range of memory cards tailored for DashCams. Even though the Extreme Pro range boasts a U3 speed class, it's excluded from warranty as it isn't designed for loop recording.

But what exactly is loop recording?

Loop recording is a standard feature on every Dash Cam, allowing continuous recording even when the microSD card is full. The Car DVR recorder saves video files in short segments, typically 3 or 5 minutes long. When the microSD card reaches full capacity, the Dashboard Camcorder automatically overwrites new files over the oldest ones. The key difference between high-endurance memory cards and others lies in their write speed and durability.

Write speed matters:

For DashCams and similar video recording devices, the recommended speed rating is U3. A U3 speed rating implies that the microSD card maintains a minimum write speed of at least 30MB/s, unlike a U1 SD card that writes at a slower 10MB/s. As the DashCam only writes data, read speed isn't crucial.

Durability is essential:

Due to continuous recording and data overwriting, using a high-endurance card is crucial. Without one, the card might develop faults over time, leading to missing footage or recording failures. Signs of a non-compatible or corrupted microSD card include freezing, audible alerts, missing or gapped footage, non-functional screens/buttons, and more. Regularly formatting the memory card (at least monthly) is recommended to maintain performance as old files and system data accumulate during multiple overwrite cycles. Formatting is the only way to erase these files.

Refer to your Dash Cam's user manual for supported microSDHC or microSDXC card sizes. Some manufacturers use the older abbreviation "TF" instead of microSD, particularly in devices originating from China. If uncertain, don't hesitate to contact us with your device's make and model for clarification.

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